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Marais, Paul

Paul Marais

Marais was born in Porterville, South Africa and currently lives and works in Cape Town. He blends influences from sounds, cinema, and urban architecture in his approach to painting.

His images try to achieve a poetic balance between his own musings on the human conditions and the broader social landscape in which they occur. Motivated by new discoveries, accidents, impulsive decisions, but also careful consideration of the overall composition, his art practice is preoccupied with the human experience.


  • 2016 Sasol New Signatures Competition, Runner Up for the video, “Delicates”

Solo Exhibition

  • 2019 Time Without Ropes, Dyman Gallery, Stellenbosch.

Group Exhibitions

  • 2019 Home Ground , Dyman Gallery, Stellenbosch.
  • 2018 Between Figuration & Abstraction, Dyman Gallery (Previously known as Absolut Art),
    Sequence & Formation , Dyman Gallery (Previously known as Absolut Art), Stellenbosch.
    Literally/Letterlik , Dyman Gallery (Previously known as Absolut Art), Stellenbosch.
  • 2017 Gradex, Stellenbosch Visual Arts Department.
    Blink, Cavalli Gallery, Stellenbosch.
    Crumbs , GUS Gallery, Stellenbosch.
  • 2016 Open air animation evening, Pretoria
    Sasol New Signatures exhibition, Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria.
  • 2015 Drawing show , GUS Gallery, Stellenbosch.

Art Fairs

  • 2019 Affordable Art Fair , Brussels, Dyman Gallery (Previously known as Absolut Art).

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