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Scarlin, Oliver

Oliver Scarlin

Oliver Scarlin was born in Cape Town in 1987. He completed his honors in illustration at Stellenbosch University in 2011, after which he studied painting at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. Since his return to Cape Town he has primarily focused on painting perceptually, his work balancing the formal elements of his training with a personal and intimate touch.


2012-2015     The Florence Academy of Art, Italy

2011-2012     B.A. Hons Illustration, University of Stellenbosch

2010-2011     Private instruction, Stellenbosch Atelier

2007-2009     B.A. Applied Design, The Stellenbosch Academy of Design & Photography


2015     Assistant Instructor (Drawing Program) – The Florence Academy of Art

2015     Instructor, Tanvi Pathare‚Äôs Plein Air Course, Stellenbosch

2015     Assistant Instructor, Academic Figure Drawing (Summer Course), The Florence Academy of Art

2018 – Private art lessons, Cape Town

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