Simphiwe Mbunyuza

Simphiwe Mbunyuza was born in 1989, Butterworth ,Eastern Cape Province in South Africa, the Village called Mambendeni , which is surrounded by various villages of Xhosa speaking people. It was in Grade 4 that Mbunyuza fell in love with art, and his skill was developed by his English teacher.

He has obtained BTech degree in Fine Arts at Walter Sisulu University with a couple of excellency award in ceramics.

He has captured traditional activities and cultural symbols and put them together in a form of contemporary art work. His work therefore portrays the values and importance of traditional and cultural objects used by these races or tribes in different occasions.

Mbunyuza has been invited to display his work at a expo in Galarie, Irene Hamilton in Vallauris, France. He was also invited to promote South African art in Europe.

His art works objects are influenced and inspired by African tradition and culture. The Stoneware object are made up of mixed mediums such as leather and steel,  but the core dominating mediums are clay and glaze.


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