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Between Figuration and Abstraction – Art exhibition

29 September 2018

Featuring artists: Bastiaan Van Stenis, Adele Van Heerden, Leandri Erlank, Ronald Muchatuta, Marguerite Roux, Colijn Strydom, Paul Marais, Kimati Mafafo & Corne Theron.

Between Figuration and Abstraction Catalogue (PDF)

“Between Figuration and Abstraction” is an exhibition about the revival of figure art digital age.

This exhibition interrogates the place of the physical body in a time of developing interest in virtual realities, online personas and digital media slower mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking represent the human figure, the constant subject. With this exhibition we offer an antidote to our current image- saturated culture, in which we obsessively scroll, flick and browse through an online visual world, leaving our physical selves behind.