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Have a He{art}


We’re excited to announce our Online He{art} Auction which we’re hosting to boost KIN Culture‘s online exposure, support opportunities and funding!


Absolut Art Gallery's Online Art Exhibition for KIN Culture


KIN Culture is no ordinary ‘children’s home‘ but a groundbreaking new concept in helping orphaned and vulnerable children:

KIN Culture is a faith-based organisation where orphans and vulnerable children are given a home and a bright future. We believe that a safe environment and a family atmosphere are crucial to every child’s development. KIN Culture will operate as a village.

Every child will be placed in a loving home with parents and siblings. Children will have access to world class opportunities and facilities through means of education, sport, culture and a community of activities. We will build a self-sustainable village that will be a model of excellence and community life.

Orphans and vulnerable children are a real issue in South Africa and the world. At KIN Culture we believe that collaboration between government, business and church could become a real solution for the plight of orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa and the world.


Be part of this exciting chance to make a truly he{art}felt difference to the lives of these children and those who are investing their love, time and hope into these precious little people → Join hands with KIN Culture and us on Facebook and stay up to speed with what we hope will be a wonderfully successful fundraiser!





Absolut Art's Gallery's Art Auction of South African Art for KIN Culture