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Boshoff, Adriaan

Boshoff, Adriaan (1935 – 2007)

Adriaan Boshoff was born in Pretoria in 1935 and passed away in 2007. He was a self-taught artist of landscapes,
sea scapes, still life and figures. Adriaan Boshoff was known as the Renoir of South Africa. His light, impressionistic
style was the gift of trying, not so much to capture light, as to stop time. As Boshoff said: “I want to capture
fleeting moments before they disappear forever.” Adriaan did become South Africa’s foremost impressionist over
the last 40 years.

If Boshoff could be said to have a trademark, it would be that singular ability to express the passing moment in
such a wide variety of work. He backed this up with a technical ability that is first-rate and an understanding of
colour and harmony that is, quite possibly, unique, at least in South Africa.

His work has been exhibited to acclaim around the world and is collected by enthusiasts from New York to
Auckland. Like so many great artists, he did not work quickly – he often progressed laboriously to what the
untrained eye may acclaim to be the perfect canvass only to tear it up and start again. He was his own, most
austere critic.

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