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Buchner, Carl

Buchner, Carl (1921 – 2003)

Carl Buchner was born in Somerset East, Eastern Cape in 1921. He was a painter of portraits, figures, landscapes,
still life, interiors and street scenes. Carl worked in oil and acrylic. He received the Artists of Fame and
Promise Award in 1963. In the course of his career a searching artist often bends in several directions, making
classification in terms of well-known stereotypes an arbitrary and inexact procedure. Throughout all the phases of
Carl Buchner’s career, he revealed himself unwaveringly as a romantic humanist. The human figure has provided
the most frequently recurrent motif of his work. Buchner’s early paintings were consistently devoted to human
subject matter. His figures were sensitively portrayed, slightly elongated forms, expressionist distortion and
romantic colour usage contributing to the poetic effect.

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