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Hodgins, Robert

Hodgins, Robert (1920 – 2010)

Robert Hodgins was born in 27 June 1920, in Dulwich, London. He enlisted with the Union Defense Force in 1940, and served in Kenyaand Egypt. Robert Hodgins served in Keny until 1941 in the second world war.  He  was discharged in 1945 after the end of the war and returned to England.

In 1951, Rober Hodgins received a certificate for arts and crafts and a National Diploma of Design, the equivalent a major in painting. He returned so South Africa in 1954, he taught painting and drawing at the Pretoria Technical Collage. In 1962 he worked as a Journalist, art critic and then assistant editor of Newsweek. From 1966 to 1983, he was a senior lecture he taught at the Department of Fine Art. He retired in 1983 and became a full- time artist.

He worked in oil, acrylic, tempera and in various media. Although the human form from is the subject matter of many of his paintings, it is colour, space and placing that plays a very important role in the works.

Robert Hodgins died on 15 March 2010, in Johannesburg, at the age of 89 due to lung cancer.



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