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Lipshitz, Israel-Isaac (Lippy)

Lipshitz, Israel-Isaac (Lippy)

Israel Isaac Lipshitz, was born in Plungian, Lithuania. Lippy Lipshitz was born in Plungian, Lithuania, in 1903 and
died in 1980 in Kiryat Tivon, Israel. He resided in South-Africa between 1908 to 1978. A Sculptor in bronze, clay,
stone and from 1925 wood also worked in Ivory, marble, onyx, bone horn, precious metals and semi-precious
stones. A highly versatile artist producing high relief panels, free-standing sculpture, portraits, genre subjects,
universal themes and abstract pieces.

Although Lipshitz was one of South Africa’s most distinguished sculptors, it is as a graphic artist that he received a
lot of praise.

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