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Sithole, Lucas

Sithole, Lucas (1931 – 1994)

Lucas Sithole was born in the year 1931 in KwaThema, Springs, Transvaal (Gauteng). He is known for his
work that mainly consists of indigenous woods, bronze, stone and liquid steel. Sithole was a sculptor of
various subject matters like figures, heads, animals and mythological beasts and birds. Sithole was born
of a Zulu father and a Swazi mother. He was married and had seven children. He lived in KwatThema,
Springs until 1981,whereafter he moved to Pongola. He never crossed the South- African border except for
Swaziland and Lesotho.

In 1948 Lucas Sithole was awarded a scholarship to Vlakfontein Technical College in the Transvaal. From
1959 – 1960 he studied at the Polly Street Art Centre in Johannesburg, under Cecil Skotnes.

Sithole participated in numerous exhibitions in Africa and Europe from 1960 like London, Venice, Basle,
Botswana, Zimbabwe etc. In 1968 he received a Sculpture prize at the Venice Bienale. His work is
represented in Museums like Durban Art Gallery, Museum fur Volkerkunde, Frankfurt, West Germany,
National Gallery, SA National Gallery, Cape Town, University of Fort Hare just to name a few.

Lucas Sithole passed away in 1994 in Pongola, South Africa.


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