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Rakgoathe, Daniel Sefudi

Rakgoathe, Daniel Sefudi 

Daniel Rakgoathe was born in Randfontein, Transvaal in 1937. Rokgoathe was taught art by Mr Makeko. In 1959, Rakgoathe completed his junior certificate, a two year primary teachers training program. Rakgoathe, with the help of the Reverend Henneck Seloane, was able to attend Ndaleni Art Teachers Training College.

After Rakgoathe completed the course, he taught at a primary school in Moroka in Soweto, 1961. In 1963 he taught at a primary school in Pretoria and in 1964 he was a school board secretary at Dennilton high school near Robertsdale. He enrolled as a fine arts student at UNISA, in 1967.

Rakgoathe moved to Rorke’s Drift where he was the first full-time student in the fine arts section and completed the course in 1969. He was appointed cultural officer in the Johannesburg City Council and took over Ezrom Legae’s position at the Jubilee art Centre. He continued to teach at the Jubilee until 1970 when it closed down. Rakgoathe enrolled in the Fine Arts at the UFH.

Daniel Rakgoathe received credit for first year course completed at UNISA and in 1978 he was awarded a BA (FA) degree. The following year he was awarded a BA (FA) (Hons) degree and then enrolled for a Master’s Degree. Rakgoathe was awarded a Fulbright scholarship and in 1983 completed an MA degree in African Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA.

He returned to South Africa 1984. He then worked at the Bophuthatswana College of Education until 1986.

Daniel Sefudi Rakgoathe passed away in 2004, Soweto.

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