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AKAA Also Known As Africa 2019 Art & design fair

Paris, November 9-11, 2019

Also Known As Africa

Art & Design Fair
Saturday November 9
to Monday 11, 2019
Le Carreau du Temple, Paris


AKAAAlso Known As Africa, the only art fair in France dedicated to contemporary art and design from Africa,
is back for the 4th edition at Carreau du Temple in Paris, from November 9 to 11 2019.

Dyman Gallery Art on Exhibition

Also Known As Africa - Art & design fair

Also Known As Africa – Art & design fair

Paris, 9 – 11 November 2018

Featuring artists: Simphiwe Mbunyuza, Gerhard Human, Haidee Nel,
Lehlogonolo Mashaba and Mandlenkosi Mavengere.


We Used to Exist

There is no doubt that globalisation and mass media has had a profound impact on society as a whole. From art, to food to a way of life. The idea of a global village is clear for all to see.

Understanding the issue of globalisation requires an understanding of the role of mass media on pop culture. Looking at the work of Marwan M. Kraidy in Globalisation of Culture through the Media, the general understanding of globalisation refers to the popularisation and influence of American icons like Coca Cola, Beyonce and McDonalds. Only a few would argue against the role of mass media in bringing these ideologies to screens in far-off countries.

Individualism is an idea often paired with western cultures and capitalist environments. This idea of individual initiative, innovation and creativity is the basis of “American-like” societies. As Ayn Ryan puts it, individualism regards every man as an independent, sovereign entity who possesses the right to his own life. In South Africa we find a new generation of local creatives experimenting with their own style. This subculture is a breath of fresh air, offering fresh perspective and a new identity to being South African. Then the question remains, is individualism still relevant or are we driven by the internet and pop culture?

Ross Clark, in his article “The Rise of Crowd Culture…”  asks whether we have given in to the attraction of the crowd? In his article on the digital version of The Spectator, Clark suggests that our greatest fear is that of being alone. This idea considers the need of having data on your phone, feeling part of a larger community and contributing to the greater good as realistic drivers in our modern society. Are we seeing a shift towards Ubuntuism or will the individual remain stronger?

Enter counter culture. As a means of understanding one might even call it anti-culture. If the culture is one of populist ideas, big capitalist values being shouted from the media and a move towards Americanisation of a culture far-far away then what would a counter culture look like? Individualism enters as people express their own creativity, find other ways of doing and establish a new norm. However, do we even exist if we’re not wearing Nike apparel, prefer a quarter chicken and chips to McDonalds’ or rather listen to Mafikizolo than Beyonce?

Cape Town Art Fair – 16-18 Feb 2018

Cape Town Art Fair

16-18 February 2018

Cape Town Art Fair catalogue (PDF)

South Africa has a rich history of phenomenal artists, often characterised by the political, cultural and religious ideas of the time. For a long time artist have been the soul of society, some of the most important people on earth. Absolut Art markets South African masters and contemporary art and is ideally situated in Stellenbosch, one of South Africa’s oldest towns.

Absolut Art is proud to showcase the works of Pierneef, Dumas, Preller, Hodgins and Battiss at the 2018 edition of the Cape Town Art Fair. Among this list of very well-known South African artists, Pierneef enjoys almost iconic status. His career as an artist started taking shape soon after the Anglo-Boer War, thriving on the influence of Anton van Wouw and Frans Oerder. Many critics agree that one thing that made Pierneef unique was his ability to paint with ‘different eyes’.

The list continues with some of South Africa’s greatest modern artists in Walter Battiss and Alexis Preller, praised by many as an imaginative genius and master colourist. He had such magical abilities that he was even dubbed the ‘South African Gauguin by some. Robert Hodgins, another acclaimed artist, comes from an era where artists were known for making socially conscious statements and satirising those in power. Browsing through some his art one is sure to find these themes repeated throughout his work.

There aren’t many people who can claim the accolade of being credited with most expensive art by a living female artist. Her 1987 work, “The Teacher” fetched $ 3.3 million. The South African born Marlene Dumas, is not one to shy away from controversy. Her paintings are often borderline shocking and offensive. Dumas’ works such as ‘Naomi” (1995) and ‘Dead Marilyn’ (2008) are perfect example of her willingness to toe the line.

On the timeline of South African art there are many highlights and standouts. Absolut Art is proud to present the works of some of South Africa’s legendary artists. Enjoy a company of creatives sure to create some excitement for years to come.

– Written by: Martus Greyvenstein